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Our retention program will help guarantee that the hard work you put into your treatment will last a lifetime!

What is a permanent retainer?

Permanent retainers consist of a thin wire that is properly adapted and bonded (“glued”) to the inside surfaces of the upper front 4 teeth and lower 6 teeth. These little  wires will help prevent significant movement of the teeth without having to be constantly reminded to “wear your retainer.”  We are one of the few offices in the area to provide permanent retainers to ALL of our patients.  Many of our patients have had these on for over 20 years and are still extremely happy with their smiles.



Permanent Retainers


How do I care for my permanent retainer?

Permanent retainers require diligent cleaning to prevent cavities and build up of calculus, which may lead to periodontal (gum) disease. Please, follow instructions on proper flossing of the retainers with the floss-threader or Opal Pix to get underneath it. Routine dental cleaning by a general dentist or a hygienist could be and should be done on a routine basis. If flossing daily is “not your/your child’s thing” more frequent dental cleaning visits are highly recommended (e.g. every 3 mo instead of every 6mo). Arpino-Orthodontics-in-Libertyville-IL-recommends-Opalpix-for-Permanent-Retainers If during retention visits it becomes obvious that maintenance of retainer is inadequate – we’ll make a note of it and review hygiene with you/your child. If poor hygiene continues, the permanent retainer may be removed and replaced with removable one. Leaving a permanent retainer in a poor oral environment may result in severe damage to your teeth and supporting structures.

What can happen to a permanent retainer!

Retainer check appointments are scheduled for 2 years on a regular basis but it’s up to you to “keep an eye” on the alignment of your teeth and condition of the fixed retainer in between visits. Like with any other appliance, improper care may lead to breakage of the appliance. Please, promptly call our office to schedule an appointment during our regular business hours. If a retainer is loose on one or two teeth, please do NOT pull it out. It may be an easy fix.

Our permanent retainer guarantee!

Fixed retainers are made on premises and “built to last” for years when maintained properly.  We guarantee our permanent retainers for one year and will repair/replace it without charge during this time.  If after many years after treatment there is a problem, we encourage you to come back to our office for treatment. There will be a nominal charge for all future repairs/replacements (depending on the extent of the damage). Ignoring a problem may lead to a significant tooth movement.It is our “unofficial” recommendation that you should maintain some sort of retainer throughout life! (think of the retainers like glasses)