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Did you know that the best time to bring your child in to see an orthodontist is around the age of seven? Most parents do not realize that orthodontic consultation should begin well before your child enters her teenaged years in order to ensure the most cost effective and overall best results. Therefore, some of important services provided at our Libertyville orthodontics office, Arpino & Wollney Orthodontics, are our interceptive orthodontic services. Interceptive orthodontics, or preventative orthodontics, are services used in advance of a second phase of orthodontic treatment that make that second phase less extensive and less expensive, and make the entire treatment process easier on everyone involved. While not every patient requires any actual treatment at the age of seven, our the experts at our Libertyville orthodontics office can begin monitoring how your child’s teeth and the surroundings structures of her mouth are developing in order to better decide how to proceed with her orthodontic treatment in the near future.

Kid's Braces Libertyville
Kid’s Braces Libertyville

Interceptive orthodontics is known to have direct results that can truly make a difference in your child’s future orthodontic treatment, and their oral health as a whole. Some examples of how interceptive orthodontic services provided at our Libertyville orthodontics office have helped out patients include: creating ample space for teeth that would have been crowded and/or overlapping, influencing jaw growth in a way that promotes increased symmetry, reducing the risk of trauma to the teeth by keeping front teeth from protruding, keeping space for teeth that have not erupted yet, decreasing the amount of future orthodontic work needed, decreasing the need to have teeth removed later on, and more. As you can see, interceptive orthodontics can be highly beneficial. Orthodontics do more than make your teeth look nice—they keep your teeth healthier. Straighter teeth are easier to clean and keep protected from trauma, and the aesthetics are just another bonus. If you have any questions or concerns about interceptive orthodontics or any of the other services provided here at Arpino & Wollney Orthodontics, we encourage you to contact us at your convenience so that we can assist you.

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