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Invisalign Orthodontics for Teens and Adults

With Invisalign, the clear aligner system for straightening teeth, Arpino &Wollney Orthodontics offers you the state of the art in orthodontic devices. For both teens and adults, you can get your teeth into a more proper position without having to wear traditional metal braces and its criss-crossing wires. Our Libertyville Invisalign dentist wants you to know about all the benefits that go along with Invisalign so that you can come in for a consultation and see if you’re a good candidate for it.

The first big advantage of Invisalign is that your aligners are nearly undetectable to the eye. After all, you may feel self-conscious having to wear metal braces day in and day out. This can be particularly difficult for teens in dealing with the social pressures that are common for their age. Invisalign clear aligners are made using advanced 3-D computer technology. Our Libertyville Invisalign dentist will craft from 12 to 48 separate aligners for you to complete the process of straightening your teeth. Each will be worn for about two weeks and serve its part before being discarded for the next in the series. Your teeth will be moved into their more ideal position in stages until they are optimally aligned. The calibration for each aligner is precise and exact.

Another advantage of Invisalign is that it’s removable. You wear it all day and all night, even while you sleep, but you take it out to brush and floss and when you eat. This also means no dietary restrictions from our Libertyville Invisalign dentist as are common with traditional braces. You don’t have to worry about anything getting caught in your aligner.

We all want to have better looking and straighter teeth and this goes for our teens as well as us. Misaligned teeth can also cause discomfort and are more difficult to brush and floss. This can result in a greater degree of tooth decay and gum disease. But it can feel like a punishment to have to wear braces. That’s why our Libertyville Invisalign dentist is pleased to introduce you to the clear aligner system offered by Invisalign. It’s a much simpler, easier to use, effective, and safe way to get your teeth looking fantastic.

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