Who is Dr. Wollney?

Dr. John Wollney practiced orthodontics in Libertyville at the same location since 1972, and treated over 8,000 people during this time! It was in 2002 that he merged his practice with Dr. Arpino and they worked together until his retirement in 2008.

One interesting fact about Dr. Wollney is that he was able to walk from his home to every school he attended, from grade school to college (he attended Tulane and Loyola Dental School in New Orleans).  It was not until he was accepted to the orthodontic program at Loyola Dental School in Chicago that he finally left New Orleans and his home of 28 years.

Dr. Wollney resides in Fort Meyers, Florida where he’s a frustrated golfer and enjoying his leisure time with his children and grandchildren.  He occasionally visits the area with his significant other of 30 years, Karen, who is a retired school teacher from Arlington Heights.  Don’t be surprised if you see him visiting the office to check up on the latest in technologies.