Adult Braces in Libertyville

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As an adult, it’s not any easier to consider wearing braces than it is for a teenager. There, we said it. But the effort put in to wear them pays off in a better looking smile and teeth that are healthier, stronger, and less prone to tooth decay and other problems. At Arpino & Wollney, we offer both traditional braces and also options such as Invisalign, which are clear aligners that do the same job. Each has its advantages and drawbacks, but our adult braces in Libertyville lead you to the more correctly aligned teeth and jaws that will leave you pleased to have made the leap.

Adult Braces in Libertyville
Adult Braces in Libertyville

Traditional braces are made of metal and are familiar to most everyone. The two biggest plusses to speak of regarding them are first, that they have a long track record of effectiveness and second, they are strong and typically provide faster results than do many tooth-colored braces. For those with severe tooth alignment problems, they are sometimes the best option to achieve the needed outcome. Metal braces, though, do affect your appearance. And they can be uncomfortable for some people, possibly causing mouth irritation, especially early on. This can be addressed with adjustments, however. And many people have benefited from and continue to benefit from our adult braces in Libertyville.

Among tooth-colored or clear braces, Invisalign may be the most technologically advanced option available. Each of your clear plastic aligners is crafted using a 3-D computer specially designed to make a precisely fitted product. You will wear between 12 and 48 total aligners, depending upon the your teeth are currently positioned and the goal of where they should be at the conclusion of the treatment. Invisalign is worn all day and all night, only taken out to eat, brush, and floss. This gives you the advantage of not having any eating restrictions as there is no fear of getting anything stuck in them. Probably the most attractive feature of Invisalign, though, is that it is nearly undetectable as you go about your daily routine. Call us today and schedule a consultation to determine which of our adult braces in Libertyville is right for you.

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